Monday, February 6, 2017

Rashaad Newsome,

You're so confusing. What are you? What do you make? Where do you stand in the art world? Do you create low art for the masses or high art for whoever the heck isn't part of the mass? 

Nobody knows, not even you maybe. But your art is fuckin cool mr. Newsome, it's cool for sure. You got this king thing going on and it's working. You got the production chops to produce albums and music videos in the dozens. You got a sports car souped up like royalty, mixing classic high art (skillful painting) with what the mystical elite would call low art (the medium being a Lamborghini). 

Oh Rashaad, you raise so many questions you devil artist you. Such as, what is high art in the first place? It's funny how the same people who collect high pieces of art for their galleries drive a Lamborghini without once thinking of their ride as an art piece. What's the difference anyway? What does it mean? 

Dear god, what does anything mean? 

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